Writing business plans  
  Accompaniment for companies and businesses  
  Investment feasibility studies  
  Outsourced financial management  
  Assistance with banking-related matters  
  Financial recovery for companies in trouble  
  Calculating claims of interest due  
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Shmuel Mor has been providing business consulting services since 1996.

Shmuel Mor, an experienced consultant who draws on a 20-year career in finance as general manager and deputy general manager for finance with large public companies. Shmuel Mor has worked with a diverse clientele for the last 16 years as an independent consultant to companies in the service, manufacturing and trade sectors.
The wide range of services and activities offered are the following:
  1. Ongoing accompaniment for businesses regarding business activities;

  2. Preparing business plans;

  3. into economic viability in order to reach a decision regarding investing in an existing business or venturing into additional areas of activity;

  4. Dealing with recovery plans for businesses encountering difficulties;

  5. Outsourcing financial management ;

  6. Appraisal of company and business ;

  7. Preparing interest calculations for the purpose of settling accounts or filing lawsuits

The above-described activities are merely outlines of the main points. In reality we also deal with additional areas according to the requirements and characteristics of each and every client.

Shmuel Mor consulting is rendered in the strictest confidence, with complete discretion.

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