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Ongoing accompaniment for companies and businesses in their business operations

The ongoing accompaniment given to each and every one of my clients is accomplished by answering the specific and unique needs of the client, whilst fine-tuning the accompaniment to the client's specific sort of business.

The ongoing business accompaniment includes the following activities:
  • Preparing a detailed business plan on a monthly basis for the first year and on a quarterly basis for the two following years. The way in which the business plan is drawn up is described in depth in the chapter entitled "Preparing a Business Plan".

  • Follow-up and tracking the goals of the plan on a monthly basis and in exacting fashion and then implementing the necessary adjustments resulting from divergence or deviation from the original plan.

  • Follow-up of the client collection and payment system; making sure that the sales goals and established client payment policies and payment credit terms extended are met, as laid down in the business plan.

  • Supervision and control of business payments to suppliers and other entities, meticulous consistency regarding prices paid for products and services and maintaining the stock and inventory levels as defined in the business plan.

  • Examining or preparing monthly profit and loss statements while carrying out a budget comparison with the business plan.

  • Representing the business to the banking system and taking care in an ongoing way with regard to the cash flow.

  • Occasionally preparing reports and calculations, according to the need as it arises.

  • Establishing, outlining and instilling work processes and correct procedures.

  • Looking for possibilities and opportunities for outsourcing.

  • Preparing a business recovery plan for businesses in trouble and in tight spots, pinpointing the weak spots in the business and suspending money-losing activities.

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