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Outsourced financial management

Running the financial side of a business these days demands a high level of professional skill.

Many small businesses find that having a full-time financial officer on staff is not justifiable, yet they need the assistance of a skilled professional to run the financial side of the business.

Outsourcing the financial management is a good solution. The client receives high-quality financial management services at a much lower cost.

These services encompass:

  • Preparation of a monthly Profit and Loss statement to examine the company’s profitability and its fidelity to the aims set forth in its business plan. Adjustments to its methods of operating will be recommended, when required.

  • Regular cash flow reports to examine collections from customers, as well as the timing of payments to suppliers.

  • Dealing with banks.

  • Handling problematic clients who don’t pay on time, setting up credit arrangements for each supplier, and inaugurating a policy of stopping supplies to problematic customers; intensifying collections activity.

  • Dealing with management and administration involving:

    • Help with preparation of bids.

    • Entry into new areas of activity, or exiting from existing areas.

    • Lowering banking-related costs like interest paid, miscellaneous fees, foreign currency and securities transaction fees.

    • Workforce (wages, performance, bonuses, benefits).

    • Reviewing the company’s insurance policies, assessing their suitability and defining insurance needs.

    • Inventory control.

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