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Financial recovery for companies in trouble

A company can sometimes find itself in a situation where a recovery plan is required.

Even an enterprise with a sound economic basis, in a profitable sector, can for various reasons encounter a credit squeeze that interferes with normal operation of the business. 

Together with the proprietor, I will examine the company’s situation in a careful, professional manner. Once we determine that the company’s difficulties are caused by problems that can be addressed and that the business has a sound financial basis, I will prepare for you a recovery plan, encompassing:

  • Addressing, from the ground up, the sources of income and the costs of the business, along with a careful scrutiny of is activities.

  • A strict cash flow plan will be submitted to the bank so as to obtain its agreement and financial support.

  • Every employee’s job functions will be carefully examined, and employees will then be let go if there is no sound economic reason to keep them; this improves the productivity and efficiency of the remaining workforce.

  • Any unprofitable activity will be stopped completely.

  • We will identify profitable activities and increase or expand those.

  • This recovery process will be optimized through daily consultation and monitoring by me as the plan is created and carried out.

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