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About us

Shmuel Mor has been involved with providing business accompaniment and advisement to medium and small sized businesses and companies for the last 16 years.

Shmuel Mor has long and rich experience dealing with financial matters for more than 20 years now as the chief executive officer and deputy chief financial officer of big companies, as well as public companies, and has functioned for more than 11 years as an independent self-employed advisor to businesses in varied fields of endeavor, including companies that deal with providing services as well as companies involved in commerce, industry and manufacture.

Shmuel Mor holds a BA in economics and accounting from Tel Aviv University.

This office is fully capable of handling and providing for the needs of the various clients, taking into account the specific characteristics and nature of each concern, doing so efficiently and with a very fast response time.

We zealously safeguard the confidentiality of all our clients' materials and information; if necessary we also commit ourselves by signing agreements of confidentiality.

We believe that the recipe for success is maintaining the complete participation and inclusion of the businessman and business owner when assessing possible business solutions, mutually choosing the optimal way for improving the business and strengthening it.

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